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Is Nutrisystem Worth Doing?

Posted by Rita B.

Is Nutrisystem Worth Doing?


I’ve spent enough money on diets that don’t work, that’s for sure, need to try something now, keep seeing ads for Nutrisystem, but hate to pay a few hundred bucks on the food if it sucks, or if I’ll end up gaining more weight! so I’d love to hear from people who’ve stuck to the program.


Is reconstituted food as gross as it sounds?


Are you hungry all the time?


Did you keep weight off? 


The website is a little uninformative, a picture of skinny Marie is not enough to sell me on the product.


And has anyone done a detox? A friend just started something called NuLean, they claim you can lose a lot of weight plus keep it off, anyone been on that plan?


Sounds great if it really works….


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I did 2 months of Nutrisystem this summer and it did work for me. Some of the foods are actually pretty good. I chose the option where I could customize my order so I got to pick all of my meals. It worked pretty well. I lost 24 pounds. I did not order a 3rd month, I want to see how I can do on my own now that I've had this jumpstart. Also, with nutrisystem, you have to supplement your meals with fruits, vegetables, dairy and some proteins. Let me know if you have any questions about this type of plan.



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