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Is Mindful Eating the Key to Weight Loss?

Posted Apr 05 2011 2:28pm

Have you found yourself reaching for that candy bar or for that cookie, looking around you making sure no one will catch you? Hey, if no one else sees you, it doesn’t count, right? What about eating while you are watching TV or a movie only to find that bag empty only halfway through the show?

Or, maybe you can relate to the woman who beat up her inner self after giving into that extra piece of cake that was tempting her? If you find yourself related to one or all of these scenarios, don’t worry! We have been there!

No matter who you talk to, whether they have been fat or skinny their whole lives, we have all had our share of an unhealthy relationship with food. With weight loss products and stick thin celebrities plastered all over the media, it is extremely difficult to maintain complete sanity when it comes to food.

However, mindful eating may be the key for keeping a healthy control over your food and not letting the food control YOU!

First, it is important to get your brain in control of your stomach by asking some questions before you eat something you will regret!

* Are you truly hungry?

* Is this food actually contributing to your health?

* How will you feel after you eat this?

* Am I eating this because it is staring at me?

* Amy I doing this because I am bored, depressed, anxious, etc?

These questions may feel like simple or dumb questions to ask, but you must study up on your eating behaviors in order to start being in control! Any successful weight loss program will have taking control of how you think about food, fitness, etc first in the process!

Here are the top 5 key points for controlling your eating behaviors:

Eat while you are sitting at the table. Are you guilty of eating at the couch or in your car? I know I am! It is so easy in our busy lives to skip the time consuming “dinner around the table with the family” but it can actually be hurting you more than you realize.

When you are not at the table, you are focused on eating quickly and your mind is focusing on something else. This often leads you to eating way more than what would satisfy your tummy leading to weight loss over time!

Keep the food dishes in the kitchen so you will be forced to get up from the table to get seconds. Ever thought you wanted seconds? By keeping the prepared food over in the kitchen while you are sitting at the table, you are forced to be more mindful of the food in front of you and if you are truly hungry.

It is a lot easier to dish yourself some more food because it is staring at you right there on the table.

Do not multitask while eating. When we have our focus on something besides our food, like the TV, we tend to not pay attention to what and how much we are eating. We also do not truly enjoy our food.

Spend some time paying attention to what you eat. Food is meant to be enjoyed, not something to be ignored while doing something else.

Eat slowly and enjoy your food. By eating slowly you are able to truly enjoy the tastes and textures of that awesome food in front of you. You are more satisfied with your meals and are more mindful of what you are putting into your body.


Choose quality over quantity. When you are eating food, are you paying attention more to how much food you have or more over the quality of food that is in front of you? Not all food is created equal. In our society today, there are more processed foods and chemicals in our food supply than every before. The issue is these are high in calories and lower in nutrients.

The key to a healthy life rests in the nutrients, not just getting enough calories into your body. The body needs more nutrients than calories in order to repair damage and function to optimum efficiency.

Give your body what it needs to thrive! In order for you to reach your weight loss goals, it is important to get a handle on your relationship with food and what you tend to put into your body.

The key to a long and healthy life rests with your food. In order for us to get healthy and by doing so, lose weight, we need to start focusing on nutrient quality of our food and not so much on the calories or fat, protein, carbohydrate content of the food.

If we focus on eating more food that is higher in micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, etc. we are setting ourselves up to getting more health benefits per calorie buck and less overall calories.

Choose fresh whole foods for 90% of your daily calories and try to limit processed foods to the smallest percentage of your daily food intake that is possible!

It is now YOUR turn to get healthy and lose weight! What has been your biggest struggle with weight loss? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

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