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is diet coke ok for a weigh loss diet?

Posted by Rach

I am trying to lose weigh but I love diet coke. Do I have to cut it out of my diet? Thanks
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You don't have to cut out diet coke at all but make sure you are not drinking it because you want the sweet taste. If that is the case, you are probably suffering from lack of carbohydrates in your diet. Drinking diet coke rather than eating carbohydrates will only make your cravings worse. As we tell people in our book, The Serotonin Power Dietk, your body demands that you eat something starchy or sweet every day around 4 pm in order to boost serotonin levels. Your brain will tell you to eat the carbohydrate by making you crave something sweet. Don't drink the diet coke. Instead check out our snack list in our book and you will find dozens of very low fat, sweet or starchy snacks. When you eat them, your mood will improve and the snacks will take away your hunger by increasing serotonin so you will eat less at supper.
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