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Is Brown Rice Better For You Than White Rice

Posted Jun 18 2010 6:59am

What are your preferences regarding eating rice do you normally have white rice or have you thought about trying brown rice? If you haven’t then read on because this particular post will be of interest to you, especially if you want to stop yourself from getting diabetes or becoming prediabetic.

If you have more than two servings of white rice per week and switch this to brown rice instead you may there increase your risk of contracting type two diabetes by a factor of 16 percent which is quite substantial for a simple dietary change.

When white rice is made the outer shell is discarded when you keep the outer shell then you have brown rice so by keeping the discarded layer you keep the goodness of the rice.

The benefits of this are it contains insoluble fibre this will cause a dampening effect on your overall sugar levels keeping them more stable and stop sugar spikes. When you eat white rice it gets absorbed into your bloodstream far quicker in comparison to brown rice.

The main reason for this is white rice has a high glycemic index in comparison to brown rice, in a study which was conducted, which took data from 200,000 healthcare professionals and nurses. Five percent of those already had type 2 diabetes, this particular measurement went on for between 14 and 22 years.

For those people who had five servings of white rice per week they were said as having a 17 percent more chance of contracting diabetes where as people who ate brown rice at least two times a week had a 11 percent lesser chance of contracting diabetes. However, there is no need to worry if you do eat white rice because as one of the researchers stated this ,because brown rice is more nutritious than white rice it doesn’t necessarily mean that white rice will make you contract diabetes.

Overall brown rice is more nutritious but more than anything this highlights the importance of living a healthy lifestyle with a varied eating plan. Also it was noted from the study that the people who ate brown rice had an overall healthier lifestyle, and were very active and had no history of diabetes within their families.


Post from: Weight Loss Blog (Lose That Tyre)

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