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Is avoiding red meat healthy?

Posted by Kevin L.

I want to stop eating Red meat, and just eat Chicken, Turkey and fish, is avoiding red meat healthy?
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It is Good.. Avoiding red meat and replacing it with white meat is very smart and should help to improve your health. It will help to reduce the risk of getting colon cancer. Red meat takes a long time to pass through the system.??As regards Vitamin B12 there is plenty of that in dairy products or fortified soy milk that often contains added Vitamin B12. ??As regards iron, whilst it is true that the iron in red meat is absorbed much better than other sources of iron there is also plenty of iron in nuts and seeds and a bit in bread and cereals and other foods but, of course, that iron is not absorbed as well as the iron in red meat. As far as I know the iron content in white meat is very low and the same applies to the Vitamin B12 content which might even be nil. If you are worried about iron you could always take an iron supplement.
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