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Into the Home Stretch

Posted Apr 11 2011 1:55pm
This weekend included a BIG brick training, a 24-mile bike ride and 4-mile run at the notoriously windy Hecksher State Park. I’ve been working up to this with shorter bricks for the last month. Early Saturday morning, when we ventured out for training, the wind was tolerable,  a first since we started training there. Cold, but not as windy. There was fog still in the park at 6:45, the first time I think I’ve ever been happy to see fog because it meant the winds weren’t whipping the way they usually are on this bike course. Recent advice from my triathlete cousin included not starting out too fast on the run coming off the bike. He need not worry there. Getting off the bike after 24 miles (my longest ride to date) on Saturday, I could barely lift my leg over the seat, much less run or even walk. It took me a minute to get my spine to straighten up. And toes? It’s been so cold, we don’t even know we have those until about a mile into the run. Fast off the bike isn’t something I could do if wanted to, so I’m good there. But, after a [...]
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