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Interval Training To Lose Weight – How To Get Started

Posted Dec 09 2009 9:37am

interval-training-to-lose-weightUsing interval training to lose weight is one of the most effective methods of exercise.     Interval training is simply alternating bursts of intense activity with intervals of lighter activity.  This type of workout enables you to work harder for a shorter amount of time and provides increased fitness benefits and maximum fat burning.

If you are a beginner, walking is a good exercise to begin with.  Here is a beginners thirty minute interval training routine:

Warm up for five minutes -  Leg stretches and slow walking.

Twenty minutes of interval training
-  Low intensity – Walk for three minutes
-  High intensity – Walk as fast as you can for one minute

Repeat these two steps for twenty minutes.

Cool down for five minutes – walk slowly and stretch again.

Purchase the Gymboss Interval Timer
When performing interval training, it is much easier to use an interval timer so you don’t have to keep looking at your watch as you are exercising.   The best one is the Gymboss Interval Timer.

The above interval training example uses a 3 to 1 ratio – Three times low intensity to one time high intensity.  You can also change this ratio to give you a longer high intensity workout such as a 3 to 2 ratio – three minutes of walking and two minutes of fast walking.

When you are ready to move to the next level – you can start jogging or running as your high intensity portion.  Try to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

The key to interval training is to push yourself hard during the high intensity portion.  As the high intensity exercise gets easier to do, you must bump it up to the next level.  The high intensity portion is supposed to be hard to do.

There are many benefits to using interval training to lose weight.  You will burn more calories than a regular workout and your cardiovascular fitness will improve.   Interval training also keeps you from getting bored since you are focusing on switching routines and performing different exercises.

You should try to mix up your interval training to include different exercises.  You can adjust almost any exercise into interval training to lose weight.   Some to try are stationary bikes, treadmills, mini trampolines , stair climbers, ellipticals, or jumping rope.

Simply pick which interval training ratio you want to use and you are on your way to burning more fat and calories than ever before.  Using interval training to lose weight is an effective and fun way to achieve a slim and trim body.

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