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Interval Training For Weight Loss - Really Effective

Posted Feb 02 2009 11:47pm

Interval training for weight loss is a superior form of cardio activity. Interval training is where you train at high intense levels for a 30 to 100 second interval followed by a lower intense level for 30 to 100 seconds. You want to train intense to a point where you almost feel like you are going to lose your breath. You will be training outside your target heart zone during your intense interval.

Doing traditional aerobics at the gym, four times a week for a period of minimum 45 minutes you would certainly lose weight. But get bored too. May be you cannot afford going to a gym or the gym schedules are not suitable for you. So interval training will here propose you an interesting not boring, extreme weight loss training program that is definitely effective for calorie burn, cardiovascular capability improvement and muscle definition. What is more, it stimulates your metabolism much more than traditional low intensity weight loss training programs.

The most attractive part of interval training for weight loss is the effect it has on your body after the workout is over. It keeps your metabolic rate elevated long after your work out is over. That’s right, even 6 hours after your work out is over your body is still burning calories. The increase in your metabolism is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or EPOC. However don’t think that you can workout once for the day and expect to burn hundreds of calories after the workout.

The EPOC you see depends on how intense your workout is. If your work out is super intense your body will burn more calories after your work out, if it’s less intense you will burn less calories. Either way this is the great thing about interval training. Interval training should only be done for the advanced. If you are beginning with cardio do not attempt interval training. Because of the high intensity and extreme vigor you should not attempt without your doctors clearance.

A good interval training for weight loss program will include strength training. This gives your body a reason to keep the muscle it has, which makes for a more tone, fit look when you reach your goal. This is often missing from traditional routines, which can leave you soft and flabby even though you may lose weight. Taking the above idea a little further, it is possible to even gain strength on a good interval training program. Muscle does not necessarily equal strength, so keeping and even building strength is really an additional benefit of interval training.

For an overall fitness program, and especially if your focus is fat loss, interval training is one of your best options. This is especially the case if you have a busy schedule like so many of us these days. The concept of properly combining both the resistance and cardio elements into shorter workouts makes interval fitness training hard to beat.

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