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Interesting Book & Skinny Scoop

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:06pm

I’m reading a great book called The end of overeating. It is a tremendous, scientific approach to why we as Americans are so badly programmed and why we eat the junk that we do. It is awesome and has made me rethink my food. Actually, it has made me think about food in the way that Butch & I used to. We would spend hours at the grocery store reading labels, avoiding our favorites “Bad” foods: trans fat and high fructose corn syrup. We’ve been majorly slacking as of late and one look at our cabinets would tell you that. I was alos far more dedicated to cooking healthy meals, my time has become shorter to cook, nd when I feel rushed I don’t use as many fresh fruits & veggies. This book is pushing me back to a healthier lifestyle, and teaching me a lot about the (scary) food industry. So, read it. I got my copy from the library, if that’s your book-getting-place of choice.

In other news, I’m still weighing in at the same thing that I did last Friday. That’s great for me, as the weekend was tough what with going to Idlewild and being at my parent’s house. I hope to be down a pound on Thursday at my weigh in. I walked t work yesterday and will walk again today.

And now for major news. Check me out here. How awesome is that? Thanks, Skinny Scoopers! Leave a comment on the Scoopers page for me!

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