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ING Miami training update- IT Band injury

Posted Jan 05 2012 12:00am
I've been training for the ING Miami marathon on January 29. It is 3 weeks away. I ran 20 miles on Dec. 24. I felt good after my run. I took an ice bath and drank chocolate milk. I think the two really aided in my recovery. I have been trying this combo for the last few weeks with long runs.

I run 3 days a week. There are a few reasons why
1. My body needs recovery in between runs.
2. I will get bored with running more than 3 x's a week.
3. I prefer to run early in the morning, so I have to split mornings with the Hubby, who runs 3 mornings also.
4. I am injury prone.

Here's my monthly mileage for the past few months. Keep in mind I started training for a half marathon in mid-July. This overlapped with ING training. I started ING training in October.

September miles: 76
October miles: 93
November miles: 89
December miles:  120

In the past, I ran only one 20 mile run before my marathons. It never failed, when I hit the 20 mile mark on a run, injury was soon to come.

Last week, my leg was feeling tight. I ran 9 miles Tuesday, 8 miles on Thursday and was supposed to run 16 miles on Saturday. I ended up running 6 and walking 2 on Saturday. I told myself I wasn't going to run for a week. That lasted a whole 5 days. I wanted to see if I could run some sort of long-ish run on Saturday.

So I went for a test run tonight and got just under 2 miles in. Then the knee pain started.

I have an appointment with someone who performs active release therapy (ART), on Monday. I am so looking foward to this. I hope she can give me hope and relief.

Here are my long runs for the past few weeks. I have been using a plan from RW smart coach as a guide.

10/29- 13 miles
11/6- 14 miles
11/12- 7 miles
11/20- 13.1 (half marathon)
11/27- 17 miles
12/2- 19 miles
12/10- 8 miles
12/17- 18 miles
12/23- 20 miles
12/31- 6 miles (was supposed to be 16)

The reason I am prone to this injury is they way my legs are made. "If a biomechanical defect is present, such as bow legs or pronation in the feet, the I.T.B. rubs against the edge of the femur with more force, causing greater irritation and pain." (source)

Worst case scenario, I have to drop back to the half or sit this one out. No big deal. It could be worse. I could be having a bad hair day like this little guy.

Have you had IT Band injury? Any experience with ART?
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