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In one of the largest studies on...

Posted Sep 12 2008 2:38pm

In one of the largest studies on weight loss it has been shown that diets for a lot of people just don’t work after a time they end up right back where they first started.
Which in turn makes for more problems in the long run.

In this particular study it highlighted that two thirds of the participants put weight back on yo yo dieting isn’t very good for the body as a whole.

  • The findings which where published in the American Psychologist Journal 2004 found that two and half million Australian people had been on tried a low carb diet.
  • The scientists concluded from all there data that diets simply don’t work
  • Pooling the results from all the studies showed that people do initially lose weight but in the end gain it all back and in some cases weighed even more than they did before after the diet phase was over.
  • One of the researchers said you can lose between five and ten percent on any diet but once your out that zone as you might call it the weight piles back on.
  • A portion of people monitored over a four to five year period gained there weight back and more besides.
  • Participants where found to put on 5kgafter a few years which is quite a lot.

The conclusion of this study finds that in the long term people can tend to be time poor, want results quickly when this doesn’t happen people lose interest and go back to how they where eating before. Look in most gyms after Christmas you will probably find quite a few people in them trying to get rid of there excess pounds eaten over the holiday period then as time goes on the amount goes down gradually.

Some people who where invloved with this study felt good when they had lost there weight but came depressed when they gained it back again hence yo yo dieting.

So many fad diets come out these days it can be overwhelming knowing which one to choose, my advice do what works for you just learn what foods do help with weight loss and eat like that forever it’s not how you eat it’s what you eat that matters you need to eat that way for life. Forget the word “diet” just eat to lose your weight and stick to it if that’s possible.


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