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Im overweight & the potential health risk arent even enough to motivate me to take action

Posted by Julie M.

have always been somewhere between a size 8-10. Fortunatly I am fairly tall so I have always carried my weight well and looked smaller than I really was...UNTIL 2005. I started againing weight and havent stopped. I weight 260lbs. I feel ugly, depressed, embarrased. Im 31 and its very hard to find clothes in my size that arent suitable for the elderly...I am miserable and have been for quite a while. Heres the kicker...Im not doing anything about it. My sex life is bad, Im a prime canidate for diabetes, high blood pressure, a heat attack...I am totally disgusted with myself --- all these issues should be enough to get my butt in gear --- serious health risk, repulsed when I see myself in a mirrow --- but still NOTHING! Im an educated woman and I know this boils down to a war against time. If I continue on this distuctive path the odds are that I will continue to face more and more serious health issues. I know this and still do nothing! Im so frustrated with myself and very confused by my behavior. Is it really going to take a heart attack to wake me up and take my weight seriously. Maybe if Im diagnosed with diabetes that will wake me up! For the life of me I dont understand why I havent stepped up to the plate and faced this issue (especially knowing the facts). If anyone has any ideas that would help get me in gear and stand up to this very really probly I would appreciate it so much. I dont know what it going to take for me to quit ignorning the issue but I sure hope I find out before there is damage that cant be undone.
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Don't do it alone!. It sounds like you are miserable! But, you are not alone. A lot of people struggle with many of the same feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that you have. Don't fight the battle alone; seek help. I highly recommend looking into OA (overeaters anonymous). OA attracts all kinds of people, those with eating disorders, those with body image problems, and those just trying to better understand their relationship with food or their weight. It's a supportive environment and I bet you'd find a lot of good advice and encouragement. Look them up online, there are meetings all over the place.
Find a better "Solution". It sounds like being overweight, or overeating, is working for you in some way. If it weren't, with all of the negative consequences, you wouldn't do it. I wonder what was going on in your life when you started this weight gain? Ask yourself "what do I get out of overeating? how is it serving me? When you learn the answer, then thank youself for doing this. Then it's time to find another solution that works even better for you - another way to relax, or protect yourself, whatever it is, that works even better. I go through this in more detail on my podcast show "Inside Out Weight Loss: Aligning Mind, Body and Spirit for Lasting Change" available for free on iTunes.
Get a training partner. The hardest thing is motivation... so make a commitment to someone else and then you have a responsibility to them and you. A few little tricks are fixing your GI tract so that you are functioning properly for which you probably want to see a Naturopathic Doctor and switched on integrated MD. Eat small meals throughout the day and train in the morning when you first get up before you eat.
get a check up. Hi Julie, good for you for posting your challenge on Wellsphere! You sound overwhelmed and discouraged right now, but please know that you are definitely on track to better heath by using the resources of this site. We're here to support one another! Be sure to see your doctor and get your blood sugar and thyroid checked to rule out any medical reasons related to your weight gain. You could also ask your local pharmacist to go over side effects of any medications you may take - there are a number of over the counter and prescription medications that facilitate weight gain or cause fatigue. You're young, and this is a great time to start working on your health. you may also want to join a support group or see a counselor to help you achieve your goals.
You can take a small step.... Hi There. In a way, I understand how you feel. When I hit 220lbs (twice - and I'm only 5'4") I just didn't feel like doing anything about it - but I HATED the way I looked, and HATED shopping at the plus sized stores. Sometimes a slow start can help... like joining Weight Watchers (whenever I actually FOLLOW the plan, I consistently lose 1lb/week!), or one of the Compulsive Overeating groups (there's more than OA). Regardless of what you choose, support and small steps may help (i.e. walking a bit more, walking around a lake 2-3 times/week, joining Curves International Weight Loss gyms, talking to friends who want to lose and deciding to eat/cool together from a diet cookbook once a week). A step in the right direction forces you to take another step... :) At least, that's what always works for me (btw, I'm still working at it - I'm 162, heading for 140lbs!). :) Good Luck!!!!!
Look at it this way. Hi Julie. First of all, just like to say that it is very brave of you to come out and acknowledge your problem. That means that you are absolutely on the right path. Overeating is something I also struggle with, especially where cakes are concerned. I have lost a good amount of baby weight, but still need to go a little farther, and I am now it finding it somewhat difficult. But today I read something that really appealed to me in a Wellsphere post called Fountain Of Youth Fitness-Vaughn Shelton by Heather D. in Category: At The Gym: Personal Training. Instead of talking about weight in terms of health, they used completely different terminology. They said that consider your body as a stock. You need to invest in yourself so that your stock goes up and stays there. I found it just so simple and powerful.. I am hoping that this may help you in terms of motivation.
Julie- my first recommendation is to see a doctor or therapist. Folks like us (I was at your weight earlier this year) might have underlying issues which we need to deal with first. I have known of people who had done the gastric bypass surgery, lost all the weight and then started gaining it back again once they found that losing the weight didn't solve all the other problems in their life. It is important to work on improving all aspects of your life while losing weight. In my case, I had made some career changes, and had also jumped back into the dating scene. I found it helpful to make lists of the things that are going well in my life, and the things that need to change. Keeping a journal helps as well. It is much easier to lose weight if you are in a happy state of mind.
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