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Ihave started using affirmations ...

Posted Oct 02 2009 3:05pm

I have started using affirmations but usually nothing set, just letting them come. But I thought I would write a simple positive thought affirmation for you, my readers, similar to what I repeat to my self daily and at night.

I am happy. I am healthy. I have a healthy body. I have a healthy attitude towards food. I no longer crave food. I eat want I want, when I want and it is right. I drink what I want when I want and it is right. I usually only want good nourishing food. I feel happy, I feel healthy, my body feels healthy!
Then I bask in the feeling of the truths I am telling myself. I FEEL the information soaking in. I don't work at it, I allow it. I let it wash over me and feel joy. When I feel that joy, I sit in that space until I fall asleep.

Don't memorize the affirmation above, it is true only for me. Compose your own or better yet just let it come every night. I find it helps to start with a set affirmation but then add on what is relevant in the moment.

As an aside, my clothes are looser, I feel fantastic and I know this will work. That is an affirmation in and of itself!

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