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If You Love Me, Please Take Care of Me

Posted Nov 20 2009 10:01pm

Yanni is one composer that I have great admiration for. Slowly I have been gathering all his music. To put my headphones on, close my eyes and listen with the doors to my imagination open wide can be such a release. In the music my emotions are gripped and then softened. Anger or irritation disperses, and before long I am simply moving my head as the music stirs and humming. That’s when I feel completely relaxed and at peace.

His music has no lyrics, but sometimes the imagination will create them. At other times the way the music stirs a floodgate opens and the mystery that has troubled me will flow outwardly. I’ve seen that music evoke tears when least expected or a smile, yet the same song will not have a similar effect the next time I hear it.

Because they were in a box until last week I haven’t been able to listen to Yanni. The thought of listening was exciting for me. Then today when we were out I stopped at a used CD store and purchased three more. One of them was his Love Songs CD, and in that compilation is a song entitled In the Mirror.

As I listened in the mind’s eye I pictured me standing in front of a mirror and looking myself in the eyes. Then as the song progressed words ran through my thoughts. I envisioned my reflection talking to me, and it went something like this.

Will you please just look right at me? Take a moment and really look right at me. There you are, now you see me. If you love me why don’t you take care of me? If you care for me why do you treat me the way you do? Care for me the same way you care about others, love me the way you love them the way that you think about them, the way that you treasure them. If you love me please just treasure me. If you love me why don’t you want to look at me? If you love me why then don’t you wholeheartedly take better care of me? This is the only chance you have to be with those you love, in me. I know you love me so please just take better care of me and treasure me and smile with me….If you love me please just take care.

Of course some may think I’ve lost my mind, yet I tell you it is intact. This listening has also been effective when I suffer writer’s block. If a composer is filled with emotions and is stirred in the music he rights, it stands to reason the listener will have affects from the flow of sounds. If you are struggling, or stuck in a rut where thoughts are needed, I challenge you to try this. If Yanni’s music doesn’t work then maybe classical music will, but it has to be music alone, no lyrics.

This technique is one that developed from an unexpected place in my life. For a time my ex insisted we turn on the classical radio station and listen with the lights out. Initially it was annoying because classical music wasn’t always my thing. I had to be in the mood to listen. At some point I stopped and focused on the music, on the sounds and where they carried my thoughts. Still classical didn’t always affect me, but the New Age music, which Yanni is in certainly does. Soon I will try to purchase other CDs of similar style, because Yanni is the only one I have.

My daughter put on one musician I think I might like the other day. Vanessa Mae, who plays a mean violin sounds good.

While I was looking for the video links I came across an account ( MusicHealsUrSoul ) that has other musicians like these, and I will explore more. Here is one I really like, and the image shown with the music is absolutely beautiful. Take a moment, press the play button, and close your eyes. As you listen, imagine say goodbye to that old way of life and finally deciding to take care of yourself, to love yourself as you would the dearest person to you, or the way a dear person once took care of you. It’s time.

Music takes you places you might not otherwise go, and that can be just about anywhere! Sometimes that’s just where I’d rather be.

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