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If You Have Not Been Able to Lick Your Weight Problem, Can You Feel Confident That You’ll Do It This Time?

Posted Jan 16 2011 5:00am

It’s not all that easy to take an optimistic view of your chances of losing weight this time around if you failed to do so in previous attempts. If someone asked you how good are you at losing weight, you probably would say not very good. You certainly wouldn’t think of yourself as having the competence to do now what has been too hard for you to do before

Losing weight usually takes a number of tries. This means that you somehow have to reconcile yourself to trying again, and doing it with hope, optimism, and the feeling that you’re competent enough. Put these three ingredients, hope, optimism, and competence under the heading of being confident.

What inspires true self-confidence? First, you must realize that to get good at anything, including losing a lot of weight, it will take time. Make no mistake; part of the “time thing” has to do with lack of success and then learning to do it better. It’s been said many times that if you use the same old solution to solve the same old problem, guess what? Nothing changes.

So for those times when you failed to lose weight, or didn’t know how to keep the weight off that you lost, what did you learn? On the next try, did you do it differently—and what did you learn from doing it differently? You see, this is the way to develop your skills, learning better and better ways. Working towards permanent weight loss requires lots of new skills, lots of tries, and lots of doing it differently.

As you develop the skills you need, your hopefulness, sense of optimism, and perception of yourself as competent will grow. And all your hard work will be verified by how confident you are now about licking your weight-loss problems.


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