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If you don’t know who Paris Hilt...

Posted Sep 14 2008 10:17am

If you don’t know who Paris Hilton is then you SERIOUSLY need to turn on the TV! The socialite who’s famous for …. well being famous is notorious around the globe for her family’s money, THAT tape, her partying ways, prison stay, recording attempt and well the list goes on.

To give her credit Paris Hilton has built an empire from her Hilton platform with perfume lines, movie roles, a TV series and of course an album. The star is showing no signs of slowing down with big plans for her future.

The infamous starlet has a model worthy figure and yet doesn’t strike anyone as the exercise and diet type so we’ve looked into Paris Hilton’s weight and how she stays so thin.

Read on for the scoop :)

Paris Hilton revealed her weight loss secrets in her book "Confessions of an Heiress" which was released to the public in 2004. Her diet advice was somewhat unconventional by any standards but she did have some good advice when it came to eating in moderation.

The star revealed that she LOVES her junk food. McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Coca Cola and chocolate make her favourite foods list and in fact she basically endorses them in the book - this we do NOT agree with. Consuming these types of foods can lead to all sorts of health and weight problems.

But wait . . .

Paris goes on to recommend sushi and homemade meals as part of a healthy lifestyle. Saying she stocks up on vegies and fish with the sushi and avoids the naughties with homemade meals.

The heiress also tells her readers to steer clear of diet sods and other artificial sweeteners (the kinds you find in any sugar free goods) and that if you REALLY are craving a soda have a real one instead. Again NOT drinking these is your best option but try and avoid the "diet" foods that seem to good to be true - most of them are.

With regards to her weight Paris Hilton says, "I try to be sensible, but I really think each individual should do what suits them. I believe that life is too short to be worrying about diets."

Too right! Paris says in her book that moderation is the name of the game and that eating well should not be about deprivation. We really stress this with our readers here at UWLS it’s better you have a 80/20 lifestyle (80% healthy, 20% treats) than eating healthy for a week and binging for two!

In terms of an exercise routine well there isn’t one. Paris instead chooses to enjoy her busy lifestyle and the activity that comes with it. She says, ‘Enjoy life, eat carbs at night if you want. You can always dance the calories off. I-m always on the go and that burns plenty of calories. I-m really lucky that I have a naturally good figure.’

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