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If you are on a low-carb diet, should you reduce or increase fat?

Posted by Jimmy M. Healthy Living Professional

There's an internal debate in the low-carb community about whether a low-carb diet should be combind with lower-fat or higher-fat to bring about the most effective and healthy weight management plan possible. What say you?
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I modifiy the types of fat I use. I found replacing butter, for example, with olive oil was helpful. In fact, I love olive oil and found that it's a great replacement for a lot of things such as fat spreads - mayonnaise, which I also love. I'll make tuna fish with chopped celery and use a small amount of mayo for taste and a small amount of olive oil. It's a nice combo, nice flavor. Good fat/oil is important and having it as a part of any diet is essential to good health.
Use Moderation. That would depend on your pre-diet fat intake. I'm no expert but, I don't believe that eating a low carb diet gives you permission to load up on high fat foods. I think you have to incorporate a reasonable amount of healthy fats and oils into whatever diet you are on because your body needs them to function properly. Just use common sense and eat what's healthy.
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