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If Frightening Feelings Lead to Unwanted Weight Gain, Here’s What You Can Do

Posted Feb 20 2013 5:00am

Have you ever had to feel some feeling that was too frightening for you to feel?

What was it? What feeling made you feel so utterly vulnerable?

Was it terrific sadness? Was it feeling helpless? How about hopelessness? What about feeling too anxious? Or maybe it was feeling unlovable or unfeminine. Ironically, it might have been feeling too strong that was so upsetting. Whatever the feeling was, do you remember what you did about it?

You won’t be surprised to hear that feelings that frighten you, feelings that you don’t want to have under any circumstances can send you into a self-destructive pattern of eating. Why eating becomes your way out only you know. The first order of business, though, is to identify the frightening feeling you ward off by eating too much food or eating too many fattening foods.

Curiously, you might not know what the feeling is because you’ve successfully cut yourself off from it by eating it away. If this is true, you may not even be able to name the feeling that’s frightening you.

So see if you can identify and name the feeling that’s so frightening it makes you eat and gain weight. Naming the feeling may be enough for the time being. But if you can go further, try to understand in terms of your life experiences why the particular feeling is so frightening for you.

It is through identifying and naming the feelings that frighten you that you will start to tear down the foundation for becoming overweight.


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