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I wore them out

Posted May 06 2010 8:09am

I had to go get new sneakers last night. I ended up with exactly the same ones as my old sneakers— Asics Gel Kahana 3’s. Same color and everything. The first pair of Asics were very, very good to me. And while I did research if there was a better pair of sneakers out there for me, I found that these sneakers fit great, have the stability and cushioning I need, are lightweight and helped me go from walking/running to all running last year. Why mess with a good thing?

I’m excited to have new sneakers, even if they are the same as the old ones. There is one difference after all. I wore the old ones out. They still look like good sneakers but I can feel that the gel cushioning is breaking down, and they are wearing on the outside of the heel, something I manage to do to all of my shoes. And on inspection yesterday, I noticed they are starting to tear on the inside sole.

I know it’s not recommended to take running shoes even that far, but I was reluctant to part with them. They’ve seen me through a busy year. I will keep them and use them now for things like painting, errands and yardwork.

I’ve replaced sneakers before, but it was usually because they got dirty or dated-looking. This is the first pair of running shoes I’m replacing because I actually ran in them. And I literally ran them into the ground!

An aside: I was going to at least get the most up-to-date color for this year, which is gray and purple. Mine are gray and blue (last year’s colors). The difference in price was astounding. $51.97 for the blue pair I bought. $74.99 for the purple pair…in the same store, on the same shelf! Sorry, but I can’t rationalize a $23 difference for a color.

I like the blue ones anyway. They’ll feel like old friends. And next year, who knows? Maybe I’ll go for Sauconys.

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