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I've weighed over one eighty, lost THIRTY (not twenty, like you) pounds, and tried on my old clothes. My weight loss was NEVER t

Posted Jul 11 2010 3:29pm

Like I have said in previous posts (and my About Me section), 180 was the amount I weighed when I started this blog, not my heaviest weight.  I never weighed myself before that so I don’t know how much I weighed, but it was definitely more than 180.2.  That could be one reason why it looks like I lost more than 20 pounds (because I did, just not all while writing this blog.)

Another reason could be muscle.  I work out a lot, so while I did lose weight, I also converted a lot of fat to muscle.  Muscle weighs more than fat, so although I only lost so many pounds, I gained muscle, which makes you look slimmer.  I don’t know how much you worked out when you lost the weight, but that could certainly be another factor.  

One more is your starting weight.  The more you weigh, the less noticeable weight loss is.  If someone weighs 120lbs, and another person weighs 220lbs, a 20 pound loss will look extremely different on both people.  More specifically, it will be a great deal more noticeable on the 120 pound person.  You said you weighed over 180 pounds.  I’m not sure if you meant a couple pounds over, or 100 pounds over, but it could be one more reason why your weight loss wasn’t as physically noticeable.

Height could also be affecting your situation.  The taller you are, the less noticeable 20 pounds will be.  I’m 5’6, so it was pretty noticeable.  If you are 6’, it won’t show as much.  

All of those factors could be reasons as to why your weight loss wasn’t as noticeable.  Thanks for reading!

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