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I totally went off, well my fingers did

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:18pm
So I have this friend from back home, a good friend - pretty much a sister - who has also struggled to lose weight for a long time. She's bounced around from this program to that - like most people. Now, she's on this Kimkins kick and has lost 50 lbs in 2 months! That is amazing for someone trying to lose weight, but it obviously is a concern to me because it's rapid weight loss and it's against everything you learn about healthy weight loss. I tried to express my concern about it not being healthy to lose that much weight at once and this concern is somehow lost on her. Fine, I let it go because it is her body and her parogative on how she wants to lose weight. I was only trying to be a good friend because it's a subject I feel I know a lot about and that's what GOOD friends do, they tell you what you need to hear whether you like it or not.

So her long time boyfriend and one of my oldest friends also diets and trains hard for martial arts and UFC type cage fighting matches. All I really know about that is what I see on UFC and that is people cut weight for those types of things in VERY unhealthy ways and I'm not getting into that because I'm not into the sport. So he feels like he's also an expert on the subject too, of course.

So I was talking with him on MSN and we got into the subject of weight loss, of course. I told him that I heard that my friend was doing really well and that was great, but I was still concerned on how she was doing it. Apparently this was a mistake because then things got oooooooogly. We got into an MSN fight about it! I was pro 2 lbs/wk and he said that she wasn't losing "rapidly" because she was only losing 3-4 lbs/wk! So I googled it and now I realize why they are resisting my advice so much. This is what the frikkin Kimkins site says (bold emphasis):

Did you make a New Year's Resolution to lose weight? How's that working? Millions of overweight people think fast, permanent weight loss is completely out of their reach. They've been told their entire lives they should be happy with slow 1-2 lb a week weight loss. How depressing and untrue! What if I told you that you could lose weight at turbo speed? Experience natural appetite suppression? Would you be interested?Don't worry! No awful prepackaged foods. Forget about diet pills or risky surgery. The plan I'm talking about is all natural with everyday food.

It's called Kimkins and was developed by me, Kimmer, in 2000 when I weighed a morbidly obese 318 pounds! In less than a year I lost 198 pounds and kept it off! Are you getting excited yet? You should be! Kimkins has literally changed the lives of real people just like you who were at their wits end about their weight problem.

Like Christin who lost an amazing 100 pounds in 5 months and landed on the cover of Woman's World magazine! Wow! In fact, you could be the next to join the hottest new low carb program around! Best part? It's all online! Everything you need is here! No meetings, no babysitters, no gasoline expense!

Sure, there are other popular diets out there like Weight Watchers, Atkins, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig and South Beach, but they only work up to a point before you quit in frustration with the slow weight loss and complicated rules. But not Kimkins!

Just ask Deni who swiftly lost 60 pounds in just 90 days. Yes! She dropped from size 18 to 6 in 3 months! Even better, she kicked her smoking habit and is now living a happier and healthier life than she ever thought possible before Kimkins. Now that's empowering!

I know you're wondering about exercise, right? You're probably thinking this miracle diet must include hours of walking on a treadmill like a lab rat -- but you'd be wrong! Yep, the thermogenic effect of Kimkins works so you won't ever need to spend one moment gasping for air at the gym. No exercise! No kidding! So what do you think? Are you ready to experience for yourself what Kimkins can do for you? Now it's your chance to be a weight loss success story! Click on theJOINbutton and get started on the premiere internet weight loss site today!
Happy Losing!



And you can't even get any details about how the program works unless you pay the "one time lifetime fee of $59.95" so I couldn't tell you how it works, but from what she has told me before I think it's a modified version oif Atkins somehow, but I notice they slam Atkins too, so who knows.

Wow another rant in just two days, I'm on a roll!
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