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I took Acai burn for two weeks but I never lost any weight, in fact I was more hungry and gained weight. should this happen?

Posted by kygirl

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Most weight loss products are either useless or worse - many contain products design to work as diuretics, purgatives or stimulants. You'll see some weight loss as you "pee, poop and sweat" more at first, but that approach is unhealthy and misses the point.

For all the products, diets and methods I've seen, I've found none better than this:

1. Stop eating things with added sugar/honey/fructose or other sweeteners. (that's almost any ready-made food, including condiments and a lot of "natural" products. If you want something sweet, eat some whole fruit (not juices, which are mostly sugar (fructose) and water)

2. Stop eating processed grains - e.g. white flour and white rice. You'll be hard pressed to find breads with 100% whole grains, but the higher the percentage the better. The term "made with" usually means "made with barely any."  If you like rice, switch to brown rice.

These two points are almost one in the same: your body treats white flour and rice about like it does sugar.

 So what left to eat?  Almost anything that qualifies as real food. And you'll find you can eat pretty much all you want (ok, maybe not sticks of butter). You won't find much ready-made/processed food that qualifies, so you'll probably have to spend a little time cooking. But it’s easy to make up a batch of rice or pasta and then steam or sauté your favorite veggies to go with it. I like toasted sesame oil and Braggs amino acids for flavor. Spray a little olive oil and vinegar on your salads rather than slathering them with high fat & sugar salad dressings. Personally, I don't eat meat - but broiled or baked lean meat, fish and poultry are fine.

Want to add some moderate exercise? Fabulous. It is beneficial on many levels. You may find you lose weight more slowly because you are building muscle as you lose fat, but you'll see the changes in your body shape. And one of the side benefits of muscle is that it burns calories all day long, even at rest.

Braxton Ponder L.Ac.

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