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I need to take notes

Posted Mar 03 2009 4:27pm
I swear I need to take notes to remember what I want to write about here lol. I'm so darn forgetful sometimes. I'm feeling up beat and happy today. It's Friday and I have a weekend with nothing planned but the gym and house work. If the weather is nice I plan on maybe taking a hike around our local lake with the kids. It's about 60 here today and though kind of cloudy still a really nice day.

Yesterday was a crazy busy day. The kids bus was late so we didn't get to the boys OT till almost 5pm so didn't get home till like almost 6:30. Then I did a few things and then hubby and I headed to the gym. I got in a good workout.

I saw the owner at the gym last night too as we were leaving. He told me he would get it all figured out by next week and "take care of things" as he put it. He said "it will all be fine" so I'm hoping that means a full refund but we will see. I could tell he just wanted to be done and continue with us at the gym so I felt good after that.

After the gym we went to the grocery store. I actually felt like a healthy person shopping last night lol. I mean most of the time I feel like a semi healthy shopper but last night it seemed almost every item that went in the cart was good for me and the kids (other than maybe the lucky charms hubby said the kids "liked" though I think it was him that really wanted them lol).

I actually bought new veggies and I actually had a personal victory. I bought baby spinach (hear that Faith?), not sure I'll make green smoothies but I do have a plan for them so we will see how it goes tonight at dinner. Then I bought some cauliflower, not the fresh stuff but the freezer stuff. It's garlic flavored and only 40 calories a serving so I'm hopeful. Ok about my victory, I also bought frozen snap peas. I've had them before and they were "ok" but nothing I ever said "mmmm I want some more" but last night I swear I was in heaven. They came in a bag you could just microwave them in so I put them in for 6 mins. Hubby had cooked me a beautiful little steak (I don't usually like steak). So I put a heaping serving of snap peas on my plate and cut my steak in little bite size pieces. Well I tell ya I just couldn't have loved a meal more. I ended up going back for 2 more servings of snap peas and swear if I wasn't so full I would have eaten more. So my new favorite veggie is snap peas.

Tonight when I got home (yea I'm just getting back to my post hours later) I made a stir fry with onions, carrots, spinach, snap peas, black beans, brown rice and chicken. Oh my goodness was it good even my nephew thought so. So I evidently like cooked spinach ok though I have to say it cooked up so much that you couldn't tell I hardly put any in the pan. But it has me realizing that all this time I said I didn't like this veggie or that veggie I just haven't really given it a chance. So I will start trying new veggies weekly from here on. I also figured out that maybe I don't like a veggie by itself but if I mix it with others I do like then maybe I won't even notice it. I'm a happy camper for sure tonight.

Last night's workout went well. I'm still not brave enough to ask anyone to spot me so I'm only benching 65 now. I'm not sure how many workouts I have left before I move to the new 3 workout split, I think 4. I'm looking forward to that. I also made it through the new jogging routine 5 min warm up then 1.5 jog/1.5 walk 3.0 jog/3.0 walk done twice. The last 3 min jog I was talking myself through it to finish. I was really happy I did make it through.

Tomorrow I plan on going to the gym and Sunday if the weather isn't good enough for a walk outside. I'd love to see a good lose this week and get out of the 220's. I'm feeling really motivated this week with exercise and food, it feels good.

I know I had more to say but of course now I can't remember lol. If I remember I will come back.

Till tomorrow or later...
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