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I Need to Take a Chill Pill

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:20am
Remember a few posts ago where I said that people should focus on losing fat and not worry so much about the number on the scale? Well, I need to take my own advice because I've been sort of freaking out over a temporary weight gain.

Yesterday night, I ate some really unhealthy food that contained a lot of sodium. Seriously, you've gotta love those half price appetizer deals at Applebees...No, I didn't binge or anything. In fact, I'm positive that I stayed within a calorie range that wouldn't make me gain any real weight.

Ugh. This morning I hopped on the scale knowing full well that there would be a temporary weight gain from all the sodium I consumed yesterday night. Still, I couldn't believe that I had apparently gained four pounds. With that being said, I've been working out like a madman since I came home from Applebees.

I suppose this is the first time I've seen a significant increase in weight since I've started my weight loss regime. My fear of going back to the way I used to be has taken over my ability to rationalize the situation. The additional stress of the holidays coming up also worries me. I do not want to gain weight. No, I will not gain weight.
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