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I need to lose weight (heart doctor) I can't afford lap band would wiring jaw shut be another wey to go.

Posted by lindann

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I would suggest first keeping a food journal of everything you eat before considering wiring your mouth shut. Personally, when I either have to admit to my food journal the not-so-good for you thing that I ate or review later something that I ate that I shouldn't have, it helps me know where to start cutting out bad things from my lifestyle (not diet!).

If your weight is so high that you are at risk for a serious heart attack, then you may be eligible for a lap band paid for by your health insurance.  However if you are not in immediate risk of some cardiovascular event, then you have several options: Ask you doctor to recommend a dietician who works with patients such as yourself to give you a diet to follow. Find out if your hospital has a nutrition/weight loss support group. Go to Weight Watchers or some other organization that will support you emotionally through out the long process of losing weight. Find out about your exercise options. This is very important and your doctor must give you some help in this. Do you need any psychological help in finding out why you gained so much weight? Are you an emotional overeater? Did you gain weight on a medication such as an antidepressant? Jaw wiring is not a good option because it does not help you make the transition to real life when the wires are removed and you have to deal with the problems that caused your weight gain to begin with.

Re: journal keeping. I agree with Stephanie but would add that when you do eat something that is fattening, you have to think about why. If you don't know the anwer then  you will do it again, whether you write it down or not.

I'd also like to suggeest to do your research before you conclude  you can't afford LAP BAND.  The FDA recently accepted a study by Allergan, agreeing it demonstrates that obese patients having experienced statistically significant weight loss.  The price for LAP BAND has been reducing steadily over the past 5 years. The leading private hospital in Mexico, just 20 minutes from downtown San Diego, offers a $5000 all inclusive package. Here is the press release to learn more:

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