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I'm overweight and wish to lose weight healthily. How to control food cravings?

Posted by Allison B.

I dont want to starve myself or use supplements...
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Ice and Gum!. There are ways to do it, and you'll hear about a lot of famous people doing these too. Suck on ice whenever you get cravings, it adds water to the system and makes your mind think you are eating. Celery is just as good. You burn more calories than you take in. Try chewing sugar free gum. It's like with a smoking addiction, because thats what over eating is, An addiction, you chew gum rather than fulfilling your addiction. Or even better, my favorite, if you're home on a friday night and want to binge on popcorn, chocolate, ice cream the good stuff you know? SLEEP! thats right if you're sleeping you're not eating and your body benifits from it.

Drink plenty of water and notice what thoughts are in your head when around food. If you don't think it, it won't happen. A great way to help cravings that really works is "I can make you thin" by Paul McKenna. I did an exercise in his book and don't crave chocolate at all anymore. I still enjoy a piece here and there but don't feel the need to have it weekly. Worth a try. The other thing I would suggest is getting a full blood count - vitamins and minerals/cholesterol etc. I would go to a natural doctor for this as most doctors don't have a clue about nutrition. You can then see what your body truly needs. I was very low in Iron, zinc, iodine and vitamin D and have since elevated these the recommended amounts. I feel a lot more balanced that is for sure! I would also not eat too much gum, it activates saliva and prepares your stomach for food which in turn can make you hungry believe it or not. Notice your stomach grumbling away for yourself when you chew.  Anyway good luck. 


Good luck,


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