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I'm Dreaming of a Light Christmas

Posted Dec 18 2009 12:00am

Only 7 more days 'til Christmas! Yippee! And this year the gift that I'm most hoping to receive cannot be found under any brightly lit Christmas tree. It won't be in any stockings hung by the chimney with care. And Jolly old St. Nick, though he IS everyone's favorite chubster of all time, doesn't have a clue.

This year... I'm dreaming of a LIGHT Christmas!

What I want more than anything on Christmas day is to step on the scale and weigh less than I have weighed on any other day of this past year! I want to be LIGHTER than I've been at any point in 2009!

Every other year of my life... I've gained a lot of weight over the holidays. And this year around Thanksgiving, it seemed like that trend was going to continue. I was having some major struggles... many of them involving cookies. And I honestly did not know if I had the power to get back on track. For the first time since February... I was scared. I was scared that I was going to totally lose control and gain back every pound that I had lost so far this year.

I really don't even know how I got back on track, but I'm SO glad that I did! I think the dread of gaining everything back was just SO overwhelmingly awful that the fear of it finally forced me to change my destructive behavior. I realized that I HAD to do something... and I had to do it immediately!

This time last year... I weighed close to 400 pounds. And I NEVER want that to be my reality ever again.

So with a week left 'til Christmas day... I'm going to keep dreaming and doing the best that I can each day... because the "light" Christmas that I'm dreaming of can only come from me. And I honestly cannot think of a better gift that I could give to myself.

What kind of Christmas are you dreaming of this year? :)
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