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I'm CRAVing Potatoes

Posted Apr 10 2013 7:51pm

I've been on this wile potato kick lately. Thankfully, I am still munching a bit on my ips chips  and it's been a slightly less guilt-ridden trip into the wide world of "AJ Loves French Fries."

A friend recently referred me to a company called CravOn Fries, who were kind enough to surprise me with this:

Photo (2)

Photo (1)

Yeah, that's FOUR bags of FRENCH FRIES, y'all.

Sometimes I do no regret AT ALL that I started ths blog. (Ok, I never do, but I was especially happy I did when I got french fries in the mother-effing mail.)

From their website :

CravOn™ Never Fried French Fries are craftily cooked to crispy perfection, without the need for flash-frying. We just take fresh potatoes, give them a scrub and slice ’em four different ways. Then we toss them in some boiling water for a quick blanching, and throw them straight into the freezer. After a brushing of olive oil and a dusting of sea salt, they’re destined for a golden future. We package them up and send them to a store near you, to become beautiful, crispy bites of perfection.

I am totally regretting that I am writing this on an empty stomach. by the way.

Also, as for brass tax, totally affordable. They have four kinds of fries. Ripple Cut, Steak Cut, Diamond Cut and Anytime Diced Fries. The suggested retail price is $4.59 for a 2 lb. bag. It's well more than a single serving. I imagine this would be the kind of thing a mom with a lot of kids could make. Or if you were hosting some friends. I made the ripples first -- I like a good ripple:


Do not freak out. I was making them for more than one person. I'm often a glutton but not crazy.

And if you're judging me for carb intaken, just stoppit. Because I did that research and check this out:

  • One serving of CravOn Ripple Cut Fries (85g) = 90 calories, 2g fat, 0g saturated, 15g carbs

And to put that in perspective:

  • One order of small fries from McDonalds (71g) = 230 calories, 11g fat, 1.5g saturated, 29g carbs

Someday I'll come up with a more clever ratings system ("Five out of five fat girls agree!" ... oh god, that's horrible) but for now, just go get 'em and enjoy 'em. Especially you, @KCarag - because you love fries more than anymore I know.

I mean, they sent me a really bitchin' silicon oven mit, you guys, and a prestine baking sheet, who was so needed. I love them.

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