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I'm "A" OK

Posted Mar 12 2011 1:50pm
I'm sorry I've been missing. Things are going fine lately. I don't know why sometimes I just don't seem to find my way here to post when it seems like I think several times a day about what I want to write or talk about.

I've been sweets free since March 4th. It's working for me. It just makes me feel strong to turn down sweets and I've found I have to turn them down every single day. So that tells me how before I must have been giving myself permission a lot.

Mike's Birthday was Monday and he decided he wanted to buy me panties for his Birthday (he also got an ipad I might add) lol. We picked out 3 sexy pair and when we got home I tried them on. I can honestly say looking at myself in the mirror in them I thought I looked pretty good. Mike of course thought I looked terrific lol. It was a good moment for me. I think I'm still feeling like I didn't get my moneys worth but it's not looking as bad as I thought. I don't know that the loose skin on my stomach is all that fixable without redoing the front of me which I don't know if I'm willing to do. But I think I just need to let it go and appreciate the shape I'm in right now which doesn't look to bad to me. Especially since I don't plan on doing anything till next year.

I think I'm definitely getting back to my old self finally. I'm still having some pain issues. Really it's the spot above my belly button that is the main place that is bugging me. I have no idea what it is. I kind of remember having a pain there after my gall bladder surgery when I went back to weight lifting. But I'm not lifting anything. Just doing cardio a few times a week and some stretching. So I'm not sure what the spot is from. After it happened after the gall bladder I went for a cat scan to make sure it wasn't anything serious and nothing was found. I wondered if it was a hernia but I guess not. Now I'm having it and it seems if I wear a compression thing it's better than when I don't wear one. As for the nerve thing on the back of the right thigh it is totally gone. Seems since I took the advice of the coworker and started stretching the pain has just left, I'm very grateful.

I've been wearing big girl panties the past two days without a compression garment lol. After not wearing underwear for 7 weeks it definitely feels weird. I know not the topic people care about but it's a big deal to me lol. With the incisions around the thighs I was worried about wearing underwear in fear it would rub. I have picked loose panties to wear so far so good. I think though with the spot above my belly button I will need to go back to a compression thing for at least a few more weeks. I hope it will go away. I might call the doctor on Monday just to mention it's still there.

Food has been pretty good. I do find myself wanting to eat higher fat foods since I'm not eating the sweets but I've been really aware and trying to eat healthier foods. My coworker ordered us a case of grapefruit to split so I've been eating those the past several days and will be for the next few weeks, very yummy. I've also been making different flavors of protein bars and that has really helped with the sweet tooth.

My weight has been all over the place. I actually saw 180 on the scale about 10 days ago. It's crazy how the swelling is for me lately. My weight can jump up 5 lbs over night. Weigh-in at TOPS on Wednesday was 172.2 lbs. Higher than I hoped but better than it had been for sure. I've been back in the 170's the past month or so. Seemed like I only saw the 160's for about a week there right after surgery. I have decided if I can see even 169 at TOPS I will lock it in as my new goal weight. That way I can't go higher than 3 lbs above that. I just do better when I'm locked into a range.

Exercise has been 3-4 times a week. Last night I went to the gym and did 30 mins on the elliptical (with arms) and 15 on the treadmill (with incline). Then I did about 10 mins of stretching. I can finally touch the floor again without pain. My one incision on the back of me though has been hurting some. This morning I went for a great 3 mile walk down my favorite road. It feels great getting to walk outside more now.

I bought some special scar gel for my scars so hopefully it will be here in a few days. My incisions are looking pretty good actually. The incision on my right back side though is very high. It's actually above my pants line so I'm not thrilled over that. But I'm hoping it will fade as much as my gall bladder one did so it won't be to noticeable. Everyday I think about posting pictures and everyday I talk myself out of it.

The other day I was contacted by the local paper so had a phone interview with the reporter and she will be running a story on my weight loss (and TOPS) in Wednesdays paper. I also told her Mike had lost 100 lbs so I wouldn't be alone in it lol so she called him today and talked a few minutes. I think she will be putting in our half marathon picture which will be cool.

Today we all went and saw Rango. It was a cute little movie.

Tomorrow Mike and I will be going down to the local firehouse and making stuffed hams with J for our stuffed ham sandwich sales on Thursday for the kids school. She said they have to cook 5 hours and we are making 5 whole hams so it will be a long day.

Kevin is finally working. He got a job at Papa John's and has worked 2 days this week. He seems happy about working and it will be great him paying for his own gas at $3.50 a gallon :)

Well I guess that covers things with me. Thought I had more to say but I guess not. I'll try not to stay away so long. I'm feeling positive and looking forward to the things coming up. Only a few more weeks till my TOPS convention. I still need a new dress for that so cloths shopping here soon.

Thanks everyone for the sweet emails and comments worrying about me, sorry I didn't post sooner.

Till next time...
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