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I'm 14, and I want to lose weight before school starts. Any tips?

Posted by Jane

I'm very self concious about my weight. It's just my upper thighs. If I could just get rid of about 10 pouds I'd be so happy! I'm almost five feet tall maybe, and I'm 107lbs. Please help! I'm the shortest and oldest in my grade :(
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Hi Jane,

 I can totally relate.  I was the shortest and oldest in my grade and I too was conscious of my thighs (true story!).  Years later I became a nutritionist and shutter at how I was convinced by the world around me to lose weight and how obsessed I was to do it and how I deprived myself.  It was all wrong and then set me up for stubborn weightloss later AND chronic illness.

The first tip I can give you is DO NOT make the same mistake I made at your age and go on some extreme diet.  That is NOT your answer to weightloss. It will only SLOW down your metabolism in the long run - trust me.  Especially rightnow in your life where your hormone development is.  It is important that you keep feeding your body "healthy AND balanced" meals that nourish you.  There are SO many quick fixes out there, BEWARE.

So, let's get YOU on a track to nourish YOUR unique biochemistry.   Please contact me at and I'll set you up with some great tools to nourish your body and balance your metabolism. 

 I truly hope to hear from you,



All you need to do to lose 10lbs is:

1) Try to avoid eating anything that comes in a package or box as much as you possibly can. When you want to eat something from a package or box, instead eat fruits & veggies.

2) Run! If you live in a suitable neighborhood, jog around there. Or if that is not  an option perhaps run around at a park (a lot of them have running trails) or at your school. If you have a friend or sibling who will run with you, that's great bc having a buddy is always safer! When you first start running, begin by running for 1 min and then walking for 1 min. Alternate this for 20 or 30 mins. Do this 3 to 5 times a week.

That's all! Don't count calories or waste time thinking about carbs or fats or whatever. Trust me, see my recent weight loss photos. And remember to stay hydrated by drinking losts of water too!

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