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I love/hate to love hate you!

Posted Mar 30 2010 7:19pm
So... I've been doing this class with this trainer and I really had no idea what to expect when I paid the money for it. Basically.. we do the same thing every time we go. Kind of frustrating. Like.. I paid a lot of money to continue doing the same thing. Then today she told me I'm doing everything wrong.. which is fine.. I would like to do it right.. but we are on the 4th week doing the same stuff and she just mentioned it. I sort of feel picked on! (She only pointed out one thing I'm doing wrong which I was doing wrong because of the way she was describing it. ) She pointed out that my chest is stronger than my back. Yeah! I got that! THANKS!
I did push myself alot in the class and I ran home after cause I had to drop myself off after soccer practice. Anyway.. I've been really frustrated lately with my workouts and diet. Like I don't know if I'm doing too much or not enough and I just want to feel good with where I'm at.
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