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I'll dance funky, you dance normal, then we'll switch!

Posted May 30 2011 6:07pm
Days until Con : 94

I've been asked by a few people what I use to track my calorie intake so figured I'd spill the beans.

It's free, has a weight, food, and fitness tracker and has companion apps for both android and apple (ipad and iphone).  I love this site, and it's become second nature now to take a few minutes after I've eaten to input my foods. What I love most is that it keeps up with your water, carb, and protein intake as well as calories, giving you a nudge if if feels your skimping out or getting way too much. I forgot to opt out of the trash emails they send but to be honest they're quite informative.

It has charts! And because of these charts I spend way more time than I probably should pouring through Stiver related data. It's like I'm a health intelligence officer trying to piece together the next great stratagem in order to swing the fat-loss war in my favor. War is

I've had a very active day today. I hand washed my car, cleaned my room, and shopped at Walmart. Which leads me to an interesting fault I have. I often mistaken extreme country accents with being drunk and today I have no idea if the lady infront of me at WalMart was drunk or just really, really, country. She swayed from side to side like a single technicolored strain of tall grass, never blowing over due (this is theory) to the dark matter that swirls in the depths of gargantuan camo purse bag. It was more bag than purse, I promise.

Having a clean room and clean car is very relaxing, makes me want to sit back and nap.

I'll hop to that.
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