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I kept my commitment to myself: 20 miles!

Posted Jan 04 2014 5:40pm

I was going to post on Friday but I wanted to wait until I finished this thing today.

What's this thing?

Last weekend, I made a commitment to myself and no one else that I would get up, get dressed and get out the door every single day. Not every other day, not a few days this week but every single day.

And as of noon today I did it -- 20 miles either walked or run.

I didn't do it for weight loss or any other specific reason -- I just did it to do it, to see if I could keep the habit going without crapping out. (I crap out a lot ... wait, that sounds gross.)

A couple of times this week I wasn't sure it was going to happen -- especially the day after New Year's Day. I did the Commitment Day 5k up in Boca Raton and I pushed myself to run more than walk. It rained most of the course and I didn't know a soul but I plugged in my iPod, cranked up the Pitbull and partied my way to 3.1 miles.

I've been having some issues with my right leg -- I don't know if it's the quad, the knee or a combination of both, but the next day it was STIFF. I iced it, stretched and got in a 2.5-mile easy walk that afternoon. 

Today was also a little iffy -- my knee was making an audible clicking noise -- but aside from that there really isn't any pain, so I chalked it up to middle age, laced up the sneaks and headed out the door. About a mile in (and after repeating my mantra of "GO, SYNOVIAL FLUID, GO!"),  the clicking went away and I got in another 2.5 miles.

The "side effect" was I did lose around 3 pounds from last Saturday to this Saturday, but it wasn't because of the exercise.

I decided to start acting like a grown-up and plan and time my meals and snacks. No more "I WANNA SMOOTHIE! I WANNA YUMMY, CHOCOLATEY PROTEIN BAR! I WANNA VAT OF GUACAMOLE!" and then try and make a meal of a goofy combination of foods. If I want a Chocolate Mint Cookie Crunch Balance bar (more about those on Monday), I can save it for a snack, when it makes more sense that shoehorning it into a meal.

I'm also making sure I'm eating either a meal or a snack every 2 to 3 hours to keep my blood sugar levels stable. It's REALLY helping with the "late-night situation," especially because I know that I have a planned, sensible snack waiting for me in the kitchen. I had tried to shut the kitchen down after dinner but it just wasn't working. The "Oh, no, don't go in there" only made me go there more. 

I also made a commitment to drinking more water -- like water water, not coffee water or soda water or gin and tonic water. My rule is to get in 4 glasses by noon, even if that means standing at the fridge and guzzling down a few glasses at once.

It's working and I'm going to make sure it KEEPS working.

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