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i have just been on a 2 month diet my hair is falling out

Posted by terry

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You are missing some nutrients, perhaps even anemic. What kind of diet were you on? Were you skipping certain types of foods? Were you taking a multivitamin?

 I would check with your doctor - you may need a big dose of iron or other nutrients.

Dear Terry, A few days ago the papers reported the results of a two year study with the Atkins diet and a typical diet that included carbs, protein, fruits and vegetables. One of the side effects of the Atkins diet was hair loss. If you have eliminated foods because of the Atkins diet or diets that are similar, this might account for your hair loss. Tania is right. You probably have denied your body essential nutrients. Check with your doctor to make sure you don't have an underlying medical problem and then see a nutritionist to plan a healthy diet for you.
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