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I have been on Wellbutrin for about 4 yrs and my Dr. has changed me over to Prozac. Can you lose weight taking Prozac?

Posted by pat henson

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No. When Prozac was first marketed there was weight loss noticed during the early months when it was being taken. So Lily did a year long study to see if Prozac could be used as a weight loss pill. Sadly, after several months the volunteers GAINED weight on the Prozac . You may see some early weight loss but eventually you will find yourself gaining unless you take some steps to prevent it. My book The Serotonin Power Diet is based on a diet plan I developed when running a weight loss center at  Harvard hospital treating people with depression. We were able to get our clients to lose weight even though they sometimes were on a whole variety of drugs for their mood disorders. So weight gain is absolutely not inevitable and should you gain weight you will be able to lose it.

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