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"I Hate Shopping for Jeans"

Posted Nov 12 2013 5:00pm

This commercial asks, "Why do we let the size of our jeans measure our worth?"

It's a really terrific question. Because aren't we all guilty of that in some form or another? Maybe not jeans - maybe bra size or dress size. Somethine else. But when this commercial starts with "I hate shopping for jeans," I'm right there. I find it as heartbreaking and depressing as the narrative goes onto describe. 

But what if jeans sizes were:




A couple months ago, Special K (yep, the cereal brand) opened a pop-up jeans store to let women rethink how they feel about themselves -- and in their jeans. Getting rid of the size; the number. It's not about that in the end anyway, right? It's about how the jeans make you feel: confident, sassy, sexy, fierce. If they make you feel like shit the second you see the size on the label, why even put them on? Who wants to wear depression? Does that make you feel good about yourself? About how you look? 

"To feel amazing? I think that's what makes a woman feel beautiful."

I love that my mom showed this to me and told me to blog about it. I love all of this. I think the world would benefit from "size confident," "size strong" and "size radiant." 

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