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I felt a lump (visit to the breast surgeon)

Posted Jun 17 2010 3:03am
After a chaotic morning, I pulled in to my parking spot, got out of the car and into the building.  I went through the south entrance as I was instructed.  None of the doors looked like I was supposed to open them, so I walked down a hall that looked semi-inviting, I found an elevator.  With no one to ask if I was going in the right direction, I got in the elevator and then down another hall.  I found a friendly lady working the counter for the wellness area in the hospital who was super nice and walked me back out of the building, and showed me where the correct entrance was.
I walk in. Sign in and sit down.  My brain is trying to keep my mind off things and I notice this like the sign above the water cooler that says "No food or drink allowed" in the lobby, I find it amusing.
There's a nice fake flower arrangement, and the overall decor seemed...calm.
45 minutes later I get called back to the examination room.
Vitals are taken, and I start to get goofier by the second.  I'm goofy by nature and being nervous, amplified that.
The nurse explains that the doctor will be in to see me and then will step out for me to put on my fancy smancy pink paper shirt.  I jokingly say it's nice of the doctor to get to know me before making me that I think of it, the nurse might have taken that the wrong way.
Dr.A comes in, introduces herself, she sits, we chat, we get to know each other....we should have gone out for coffee.
She leaves the room and I slip into something more papery.
She comes back.  She asks for me to show her where the lump is.  I do.  She feels around.  This?  No, and I show her again...wait what did you just find?  Breast Tissue.  Ok.  Ok, this here?  Yes. Hmmmm.
Now I'm not sure but "Hmmmmm" as a diagnosis, kinda made me worry a bit.
She lets me know that she doesn't think it's anything to worry about.  She does however want a Mammogram & Ultrasound done to make sure.
I go to check out, the nice receptionist calls to make my appointment.  "Yeah, a mammo and a ultrasound on the right breast"  "No, let me check" "Do you have implants?"
My head said "I wish" but my mouth just said "no"
"No she doesn't" "Ok, probably" "Can you go right now?"
"YES" and I'm off to radiology.

Other then being scared out of my mind, all the ladies in this office made it an overall not so scary experience. 
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