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I felt a lump (ultrasound, talk with radiologist and call from the breast surgeon)

Posted Jul 04 2010 7:22am
Kris walks me over to a waiting area for the ultrasound dept and explains to me that there is a young guy that does the ultrasounds as well as another lady.  She says she doubts I'll get the guy, but if by chance I do just ask for the lady.
Sure enough as we walk in there he is, fairly young, nice looking guy in scrubs, he could play a doctor on TV.  Kris says to him, do you have someone else.  He lets her know that he is waiting for someone to come out of the dressing area.  Kris looks at me and tells me to sit and wait for the other lady.
I do, the other lady...not nice or as fun as Kris comes out and gets me.  Instructs me to take of the additional gown and to lay down and she'd be right in. 
Funny how they leave the room for you to do this being that they will be standing over you as you have absolutely no way to hide yourself....
Anyways, ultrasound goes by quickly, she leaves to check with the radiologist to make sure the images are all ok.  They are and she lets me know that I can get dressed and wait for the radiologist to come in to talk to me.
He comes in, introduces himself to me and shakes my hand.  He lets me know that all my images came out great and that he doesn't see anything to be concerned with.
A little after 6pm my phone rings, but I'm in the middle of teaching a Zumba class so I didn't hear it ring.  I check my voicemail and it's the breast surgeon confirming what the radiologist had already told me.  Everything looked good, she did previously let me know that in some instances it will not show up in ultrasounds or mammograms, but she didn't think it was anything to be concerned with and to just continue to check myself and take note of that area to make sure there wasn't any changes to the size or feel of the lump.
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