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I felt a lump (mammogram)

Posted Jun 18 2010 8:09pm
I headed to the radiology department went to the desk, asked if I was in the department and was given more forms to fill out.

Registration wasn't to exciting, but there was a mix up with my insurance, they seem to think I have to pay for all this, even though before I enrolled I was told mammograms were covered 100%.  They want almost $300 upfront, of which I did not have.  I look pathetically at the lady who is registering me, which happens to be from the billing department, she manages to get payment arrangements made and tells me to work on the insurance to get them to cover it.  I'm still working on that....

I go back out to the waiting room, until this very young looking girl comes out to get me....She introduces herself, we'll pretend her name is Kris.  Kris looks about 18 or 19 years old...and she will be doing my mammogram.  She gives me a gown to put on, and like everyone else tells me to leave the front open.  Just for fun I wonder how they would work around the gown if I didn't follow directions.

Kris explains to me that in a mammogram depending on how your nipples are positioned on the machine they could cause a shadow, which could result in a not very clear picture.  So she will be placing band-aids over my nipples, which coincidentally have little beads on them, that will be placed right on the nipple so that the radiologist will know where my nipples are in the picture.  She describes them as pasties, I joke...not really the what I expected to be doing the first time I used pasties.

As I stand there with my gown wide open, not really sure why I'm even wearing one at this point....we start talking.  Apparently she went to school to be an x-ray tech...and learned how to do mammograms with on the job training.  Interesting.

I ask her how old she is, 28, wow, she looks really young, she says the same to me.  Somehow being able to joke with her, makes it not so bad that her face is about 3 inches from mine and she has my right boob in her hand...which has warmed up a bit since she put the pasties on.  She positions everything she needs to position, including my arm around the machine "how you doin'" I say to the machine....I told you I get goofier when I'm nervous.  She laughs.
The mammogram can be positioned in a number of directions and at one point she is on her knees, under the machine, pushing my boob up into the correct position...I tried to stifle the laughter, she apologizes for hurting me, I let her know that I was trying not to laugh.  We both found it funny that I'm laughing at her, being that I'm the one standing with the gown on my left arm which is covering absolutely nothing at this point.  She complements me on my positive attitude.

At some point during all this I told her about this blog, and asked if I could get some pictures of the machine...she finds it amusing that I'm thinking about my blog, even with everything else on my mind.  She goes to the screen and says the pictures look good, I ask for permission to get a picture of the screen.
Now I can't say if she allowed me to do it or not....but I did manage to get one.

Once she comes back from having the radiologist look at the images, she gives me another gown to cover up the opening so that I can go down the hall.....
The images were good and now I'm off to get my ultrasound done.....
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