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i exercise minutes at interval 4 days a week, the scale is not moving up on down

Posted by vivian p. Facebook

Why is it I'mnot losing weight.  I eat healty, do resistance training 2 days a week, use the elipitcal 20 minutes, treadmill 20 minutes, bike 15 minutes.
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You have to remember that body-weight is only one indicator of weight-loss.  You should also take body measurements (chest, waist, hips, thighs) to see if you're actually gaining muscle-weight while you lose fat.


That said, I recommend adding a few high-intensity Tabata workouts (I discuss them in my blog, and offer a few sample workout recommendations) for additional strength-training, and also change up your treadmill workouts with some interval-training (also discussed on my blog).

 Good luck!

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