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I dropped three sizes!

Posted May 06 2008 3:02pm 6 Comments

Okay, so I finally went shopping today for some new clothes. My stuff was falling off me, and it made me look frumpy and bigger than I really am. Never mind that a lot of it was out of style, but that’s another story - I seriously just didn’t have the money for new stuff. But I couldn’t hold out any longer, because the clothes I had were just looking terrible on me!

buying new clothes

But the coolest part of shopping today was walking into the store in my size 20 jeans, and walking out with a pair of size 14’s! Now, the 20’s were seriously well-fitting when I bought them at around 255 lbs. And now at 218-ish, I bought a pair of 14’s!

Of course, I did buy a couple 16’s too, but it’s the style/cut/material that makes the difference. And in any event, going from a 20/22 to a 16 is pretty great too.

I’m going to post some pics soon, I promise. I just had to write about this and get myself to bed.


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Isn't it the best feeling in the world to buy smaller jeans?
It is! I never knew how great it felt. Now I can't wait to buy even smaller ones!
Well, that's incredible, Lara! Congratulations!
awesome , you can keep it going !!! good job
Thanks everyone for your great comments! I've got additional posts on my site about it (including photos) at
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