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i dont eat much but i still gain weight. my motabolism is so slow how can i speed it up

Posted by farie

i am 75kg i walk for 30-40 minutes everyday. i do not have much of an appetite so i rarely eat, i am never hungry because my metabolism is very slow.  i am trying to lose weight but i am unable to. i just had a baby 7 months ago. sometimes when u feel slugish i thow up and find it is food i would have consumed 24hr earlier

i want to speed up my metabolism to lose the weight

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My recommendations:

1) aim to include some protein in every meal or snack, and ideally also some fiber (consider a green smoothie for breakfast - loaded with protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals - see my blog for a great recipe)

2) walking is great, but the best way to speed up your metabolism is to add strength training.  What I've been doing is a 10 minute high-intensity whole-body Tabata workout every morning (again, see my blog for details). 

Also, you might want to see a doctor, get thyroid tests done - it's always a good idea to rule out medical problems.

hi farie

Sorry you are not feeling that great.

I understand where you are at the moment, similar thing happened to me!

May I ask a few questions? 

-  Are (or were you) feeding your baby?

-  Are you taking a good multivitamin every day? 

Try to eat smaller meals, spaced a few hours apart instead of 3 large meals. (The smaller meals will help you to keep your food down.)

Eat small portions of lean protein (chicken breast, fish is ideal, eggs) with wholewheat carbs like wholewheat pasta and rice.  Plenty of fresh veg and salad is also good. 

Keep off the colas and fried takeaway foods - these will only make you feel worse. Definately, no candy and cakes.  Get your sugar from fruit juice and fresh fruit.

I can bet you aren't sleeping well at the moment are you?  Try to have a cat-nap when your baby is sleeping during the day.  Don't sleep for too long or you could feel really lethargic afterwards.

Try to keep of alcohol, this is a depressant and not good if you are already feeling low.

Drink lots of fresh water every day.  At least 8 glasses, exclusing your normal drinks.   (Increase your water consumption if you are breastfeeding.)

Ideally, when you exercise you should raise your heart rate so that you are burning off more calories than you are taking in.

Have you considered trying jogging?  This will speed up your metabolism.  Jogging/running is free and being in the fresh air at this time of year is more pleasant. 

Take is slowly at first, run x 3 a week.  Run for 50 yards then walk for 50 yards for first week.  Then increase it to run for 100 yards and walk for 50 yards and so up the distance slowly.  (if you are running in town use the lampposts as distance markers.)

Finally, go to your health practitioner if you are still concerned - he/she can check you out to rule out other possible healthy issues.

Let me know how it goes. Meanwhile, I hope you start to feel better soon!

PS-don't run just after you have exercised!  That can make you throw up! :-( 


thank you ladies, I will try all your helpful advise and will let you know how i go. For now i am trying to stay positive about everything, but i still feel like im fighting a battle i am not winning...

i have seen a dooctor and blood tests done show all is well.... i have PCOS but dr said should not affect my weight too much....

well will try running and protein filled meals

hi Farie

I have just realised I said  "PS-don't run just after you have exercised!  That can make you throw up! :-( " 


I meant don't run after you have eaten a meal!  that could make you throw up.

keep up the positive attitude, that is so, so important.

Hang in there!

You might want to keep in mind that it takes the body up to a year to recover completely from pregnancy. With that being said, all of the above information is on the mark. Add some juices to your diet. Juices and fresh fruit will add quick pick me ups during the day. The strength training is a great idea, but since you are only 7 months out of a pregnancy, take things slow. Hand weights and stepper exercises would be a good start. After a few weeks of toning your muscles, try intensifying your workout. If you speed it up and feel completely exhausted afterwards, you've done to much. Take a couple steps backward and keep toning. If you bump up the workout and you feel tired, but still able to do more, then you are on the right track.

If you are working out and exercising on a regular basis, try to get at least 1000 calories a day. Your body is healing and strengthening at the same time. This is a slow process and will take time to recalibrate your metabolism. 

Good luck!


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