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I Don’t Have The Secret To Fat Loss You Do!

Posted Jan 04 2013 9:31am

Yep, it’s that “Fat Loss” time of year again.  The period for renewed focus, resolutions and promises for lifestyle re-construction.

Many of you will turn to fitness professionals like me in search of the secret to losing those pounds and inches. Well I’ve got the answer for you, but I don’t have the secret.

The formula for permanent fat loss isn’t a secret.  It’s  actually pretty simple.  It’s just NOT easy!

I often have people ask me what sets me apart or makes me different from other personal trainers or fitness coaches and my answer is about as complicated as the 3 keys to effective fat loss.  I’m REAL!  You won’t find smoke, mirrors or crazy claims or promises.  Instead you’ll experience a compassionate tour guide that will help you with the tools you need to complete your FAT LOSS equation once and for all.

So if permanent weight loss has alluded you in the past, all you have to do is include these three ingredients and the recipe for lasting fat loss success can be yours.

Permanent FAT LOSS Success Recipe.

1.) Get your mind right.  This can be the key missing link for most.  If you don’t have what’s between your ears in the game, you’re more than likely going to lose those same 10-20 pounds over and over and over again.  Respect, love yourself and also eliminate what’s eating you and success is as close as including part 2 and 3 of the equation.  More tips on raising your self esteem can be found here  in the post called “Inside Out Fat Loss- 5 Simple Steps.

2.) Clean up your DIET.  This is super important.  In fact if I had to assign a percentage, I would say nutrition is about 80% critical to lasting success.  You CAN NOT work out a BAD DIET!!!  What you eat isn’t a secret either.  There isn’t a magic combination of foods or percentage of macronutrients.  We’ve been all (myself included) making this thing WAY too complicated.  All you have to do is EAT REAL FOOD.  That’s it!  Un-processed, organic whenever possible, proteins, good fats, vegetables, fruits and a few nuts.  Notice there wasn’t a grain mentioned??

3.) Exercise as a part of your lifestyle.  Not, exercise until you lose the weight you want to lose and then go back and sit on the couch.  That’s only going to land you right back where you started.  Lasting results require permanent lifestyle changes.  In order to make something a habit you’ve got to pick activities you ENJOY.  If you hate walking on a tread mill, that’s going to last about as long as a fart in a windstorm.  Instead pick activities you like and if you can include some type of strength training.  If you’re not sure what to do and it’s not your bag, do some group personal training or attend some classes to either get you started and/or help make it part of your routine a couple times per week.

That should do it!  Your recipe for lasting fat loss success.  Include those three simple ingredients and the skies the limit!  Happy New Year!!!


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