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i cant seem to drop below 270 wtf!!!

Posted by famoso81

alrite so i've been trying to drop some weight but i'm stuck at 270. i lift  on mon.  wed. and fri. i do plyometrics on tue. thurs. and sat. and i ride a stationary bike for 30min on the days i lift. i also try to watch what i eat but i really dont know how to count the calories on the stuff thats not already package. how do i get my bmr? and how many calories do i have to cut back a week to start losing?


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I can certainly understand why you are frustrated, it seems as though you are doing all the right things, however, success is eluding you.

The first thing you will need to do is fo figure out how many calories you really need to consume each day just to live and then figure out how many calories you are expending. If you aren't eating enough calories, which I think is probably the culprit, you won't lose weight because your body thinks you are starving and will continue to hold on to everything that you eat. If you go to my site and click on the How Fit R U? tab, you can take advantage of the free fitness tools that I have on the site, including a calorie calculator and an online nutritional journal.

Then, you will need to write down EVERYTHING you eat all day for the next 7 days (the journal will help with that). I am sure you are keeping track of your weight lifting and cardio info, right? If not, then track that too. Then you can compare and see where you need to tweak.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.

helllooo, You need not to get frustrated but u have to little caring about your diet and lifestyle.

Make sure their are two main factors will work behind your success, First thing balance diet and another one is Exercise(lyfstyle). Mike Geary found a perfect Combination of these two factors in their Review site. That site was helpful 4 me,thats why i m telling u what factors i found.

balance diet: Add fruits in daily diet, Do not try rich fat foods in your meal like oil,butter,sweets etc.. and take more water aprox 7-10 ltrs in a day.

 Exercise(lyfstyle): Go for a walk at early morning before brekfast and after dinner also go for a evening walk. Take good sleep every day. Add some easy exercises like strech and rolling like ball etc..
Thats a common issue man. Its always a wall when losing weight but to get over my hump, I just changed up my diet structure a little and I began to see significant decreases in bodyfat. I ate high protein meal, whole grains, and vegetables in small portions every 2.5 hours. I helped speed up my metabolism as did green tea and getting variety in my workouts. Instead of running the track, I played basketball a few days a week until my body got use to it. Btw you look like your pretty solid at 270 man. Any ?'s hit me up!!!

I have personally decided to eliminate all grains and dairy for 30 days. I am taking a B-Complex 50 mg tablet in the morning, and a CA/MAG supplement three times a day with food.

If you can, each day lie on the floor face down, and get up. Do this as many times as you can in a 5 minute period. This will help rev up the metabolism.

Good luck to you. You are fortunate to be able to exercise fully. I am still waiting for a bone fracture to heal. :D

That post here about 7 to 10 liters of water a day, whoa. Four liters is one gallon. Six cups of water seems to be plenty, unless you are exercising and sweat is pouring off the body, then drink more.

Do some research on this topic.  7 to 10 liters sounds way too much. 














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