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I bought Bob Greene’s book "...

Posted Sep 14 2008 2:55pm

I bought Bob Greene’s book "The Best Life Diet" at late night shopping tonight.

I’m only a chapter in and already I can see its going to be a good one!

I decided to sneak a few interesting facts to you tonight and I’ll do a full review when I’m finished.

Check it out :)

Always wondered what factors most influence your body weight? Here’s what Bob Greene had to say:

1. Genetics - biology does affect your weight to some extent but lifestyle is also a huge factor so don’t start making excuses!

2. Food - what you eat and how many calories you eat, That may seem obvious but so many people still get it wrong.

3. Medications - heaps of medications can affect your weight because of their impact on your metabolism and appetite.

4. Smoking - obviously quitting smoking is the most important health choice you will ever make. Do it!

5. Basal Metabolic Rate - the involuntary rate at which your body burns calories.

6. Basic activity - how much you move during the day doing basic activities like picking up the phone etc.

7. Extra activity - how much exercise you do i.e if you make an effort to workout.

The 7 main factors were taken from Page 20 of Bob Greene’s book "The Best Life Diet".

I’ll keep you posted as I work my way through it - its looking good so far!

If you just CAN’T wait then click the link below to grab a copy now:

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