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I am losing tons of weight and having stomach and bladder issues. What could this be?

Posted by emmiekk

I was diagnosed with Interstitial cystitis, Endo, IBS, and Gastritis. I can NOT eat anything without feeling nauseated afterwards. It doesnt matter what it is. From the smallest amount of crackers to a full meal. Pain and Nausea right after in my middle stomach. Other times I get constipated or having spells of bad diarrhea. The things I eat also affect my bladder and cause severe pain, urgency, and frequency. My main concern though is that I have always struggled with my weight and now I have lost about 50lbs in 8mths or so and I am not exercising and to be honest I am very very lazy on most days. (because i am feeling so tired) That is one more major symptom, major FATIGUE. What is your advice?
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