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I am going to lose 25 pounds by training for a triathlon

Posted by Dale J.

Hello Good People! I'm a healthy,happy, 50 year old family man, with a thriving solar power promoting website/radio show. I have just one problem. I weigh 225. My doctor says I should weigh 200. Oh sure... as a "big-boned" 6'2" strapping swede of sorts, folks say I carry it well. But the doctor says I could get off the high blood pressure pills if I just got down to a healthy BMI. So... as of today, I've committed myself to finishing the Santa Cruz Sentinel Triathlon, now 12 weeks away. Last year, I watched guys my age cross the finish line. Perhaps it was because, after a triathlon, many a man can look like Bob Dylan on a bad day. But as I watched them grunt by, I thought to myself... "He not busy being born is busy dying." That sums it up. My doctor says go for it, so why not? Finish line... here I come!
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How is training going? This is an amazing challenge and I hope you're sticking with it!!
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