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i am doing p90x,its week 2 and i am really craving for pizza huts chicken supreme pizza what should i do cant i just cheat once

Posted by Arham93

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of course you are , those foods are all addictive, your body is still in crisis management mode, still desperate for nutrients, still urging you to scavange for anything that may have a little tiny bit of iron, or B12 or zinc, or essential fat or vitamin E or vitamin D, still bitterly dissapointed and desperate to stop you from dying.
Well you could always have 1 cheat meal if you really think it was needed.  I'd suggest that you maybe keep snacks around like carrots, celery or even a protein drink.  I usually add more water into my day when this happens, helps to curb the cravings.  I know that the Pizza Hut pizza isn't part of the P90X nutrition plan either. :)  Keep your mind set on your goal, where you want to be in 90 days..  I've been through P90X 3 times now and there are always days when I have a craving for something that's not the best and sometimes I have a cheat day.. just not very often.  Keep up the good work with your P90X.
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