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I AM an Old Jewish Mother!

Posted Jul 15 2013 10:06pm

Have you seen the movie “Guilt Trip?”

My Guy and I rented The Guilt Trip to watch the other day. It was hot outside and we were tired so we thought this would be a relatively easy to watch and fun way to spend the afternoon. Now we are not talking HIGH ART or anything… after all this is a Seth Rogan movie… LOL BUT it was super cute…

The problem is that as we were watching all of a sudden I started noticing similarities between me and Barbara Streisand’s character. The Jewish Mother! As I started mentioning them My Guy 100% agreed and told me I should write them down so I could blog about it! LOL Seriously! LOL

Below are the things she did that I can relate to or even do myself!!!

  • She packed snacks and a roll of paper towels for a road trip- Every time we go on a road trip I pack the bag of food and throw in a whole roll of paper towels to use to keep things neat.
  • She used a purse hook- I don’t put my purse on the floor because of germs. (Germs being Barbara’s reason as well!) I am always harassing my husband when he puts his backpack down on the bus and then wants to put it on the bed or the counter or something! LOL
  • She licks her finger to wipe her son’s face/hair- OMG! I caught myself doing this to My Guy the other day! For reals!!
  • She asks everyone every time- It’s cold! You need a scarf? A coat? A sweatshirt? - I am always trying to help other people be warmer! I am always cold now that I lost all my weight and always think everyone else is too!
  • “Food is Love!”- I totally believe that! If you are visiting my house- most likely I am going to try to feed you. I will pour over recipes and carefully plan what we will feed you too… it will be thoughtful and either really healthy or really decadent.. but it will all be planned and made in love!

LOL Well, I don’t know if it really makes me a Jewish Mother- but I would certainly not complain if I looked as good as Barbara Streisand does at her age! Maybe it is just preparing me to keep exploring my role as a step-mom of teenagers and maybe a mom of littles someday too! (I am sure I could perfect that finger licking thing….)

Do you do any of those things? What other “Mom” things do you catch yourself doing that as a kid you swore you would never do!?

Food is love!

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