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I am about 5 foot 7 inches and I weigh about 205lbs. I want to weigh about 120-125 how can I lose thie weight the fastest beside

Posted by Lite_Girl23

I am concentrating on a minimum of 600 and maximum 1500 calories a day diet and also using a weight loss supplement. I want to slim my stomach and lose thie weight as fast as possible. I woud like to know a list of cardio exercices thati can do at home without going outside.
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Hi there! I would recommend getting yourself The Biggest Loser home workouts. Particularly, The Last Chance Workout and The 30-Day Jumpstart. They're fantastic cardio and they've got impact levels to increase as your skill level does. This combined with healthy eating should definitely help. One great magazine that I personally love is Clean Eating. They've got a 2-week meal plan in each issue to help you drop up to 16 lbs per month. If you're not up for that, a good rule for food is to try to eat foods in as natural a state as possible and to read the labels on packaged foods: if you can't pronounce something or don't know what it is, DON'T eat it. Think of your body like a car: it works best with with the best fuel. On top of all of that DRINK YOUR WATER. Drink as much as possible trying to stick to at least 3 litres a day. Hope that helps! V.
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